Medbar researches, develops, designs and produces high quality medical disposable supplies. With 35+ years of experience, Medbar offers innovative, complementary and economic solutions to the market.

Our founder Ümit Ömer Baran began to improve infrastructure for the disposable medical supplies production in 1979. In 1984, İztıpsan was founded as a family company in Karabağlar by Ümit Ömer Baran. With 25 employees, company pioneered in disposable medical products production of any material which has not manufactured in Turkey before. İztıpsan has managed to be the first manufacturer of disposable medical supplies such as Eye Band, Microscope Drape and Camera Drape in Turkey and one of the few manufacturers in the world. After turned to a multi-partnership in 1998, because of the other partners not being industrial origin, Ümit Ömer Baran has resigned from the company partnership in 1999. Then increase in disposable medical supplies market was observed and with the thought of infection control will come to the fore, strategies have been created to re-enter the market.