Quanta Systems

Quanta System was born in 1985 as a spin-off of CISE, one of the biggest research centers in laser and optics in the world. Our first steps were in high-energy and plasma physics, spectroscopy and light-matter interaction. The first lasers for art conservation were developed in 1994.

At the origin of Quanta’s history, we also designed mobile systems that were based on trucks or aeronautical vehicles for environment pollution monitoring (LIDAR, DIAL and LIBS) for air and soil.

Others have been developed for many International Space Agencies. Additionally, many lasers were synchronized with synchrotron light, or are still working at CERN in Geneva (LHC). In the early 1990’s, Quanta’s industrial division developed marking, drilling, welding, micromachining and cutting lasers (some used for diamonds), and technologies for top firms throughout the world. We began our work in the field of medical lasers for Aesthetics in 1997.In 2004 Quanta became part of the El.En. Group, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.