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HSL facilitating at-home radiology reporting through ongoing partnership with Barco

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As the value of home reporting as a solution to address the backlog, keep staff safe, and reduce the administrative load whilst freeing up more time for diagnostics and reporting is more evident now than ever continues to become more evident, Hospital Services Limited (HSL) continues to work with radiology departments across the UK to help them discover the benefits of teleradiology for shifting the reporting workflow away from the clinical setting and improving efficiencies in reporting.

A specialist distributor of medical and surgical equipment and consumable products which services public and private hospitals and clinics and other imaging institutions across UK and Ireland, HSL is one of the largest privately-owned distributors supplying the health sector in UK and Ireland.

Through its partnership with manufacturer of high-precision medical displays Barco, HSL is not only connecting healthcare professionals at every touchpoint by facilitating a growing volume of home reporting stations for trusts and private hospitals across the UK and Ireland, its wrap-around service also continues to ensure that the level of reporting carried out in home settings is equal to work being done from within dedicated radiology departments.

Working together to deliver efficiencies for resource-strapped radiologists, HSL and Barco are reminding radiology teams of the importance of ongoing monitoring, calibration and maintenance of the at-home working environment to ensure it is best suited for the radiologist to undertake diagnoses. In line with recommendations from the RCR in relation to diagnostic display devices and the ergonomic viewing environment and the importance of calibration of these devices, HSL’s team provides ongoing calibration and quality assurance services second to none complete with independent assessment and maintenance of installations to ensure compliance and consistency. To fully meet the RCR guidelines, HSL supports the regular use of calibration and QA software like Barco’s QA Enterprise software QAWeb, complemented by on-site visits including multi-monitor testing and visual pattern checks.

Whether at the hospital, clinic, office or home, regardless of the display devices chosen, HSL understands that diagnostic reporting is a crucial part in the provision of best patient outcomes by both NHS and private institutions, and that – all too often – the working environment is barely checked to ensure it is best suited for the radiologist to undertake all-important diagnosis, and when it is, frequent reviews are overlooked. With the trend of increased home reporting here to stay despite the easing of restrictions around the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare providers owe it to their clinicians and particularly their patients to provide the best tools, an optimum environment, and correctly calibrated displays at all times.

HSL’s Bi-annual or Annual Diagnostic Home Reporting Service is available to all users who have purchased their home reporting workstations for the work or home environment. In addition to the maintenance and assessment of diagnostic tools and technologies, HSL’s specialist team also provides on-site ergonomic reports to help guide the implementation of the right solution for a friendly, ergonomic working environment for the medical professional. For more information visit Home Reporting – Hospital Services Limited (

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