Operating across the UK and Ireland.

HSL's Surgical division is made up of five field sales executives who represent a broad range of Surgical Capital and Consumables products for the company. This team are supported by one clinical support specialist and a team of Surgical Engineers who install and maintain equipment across all hospitals in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

HSL’s Surgical division is supported by industry-leading clinical support specialists and surgical engineers to support your whole department.

Our Surgical Partners

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HSL partners exclusively with several world-class manufacturers across a number of disciplines including, to name just a few, Richard Wolf and KLS Martin (general and electro-surgery), and Medwork (endoscopy).

HSL also partners with leading surgical instruments manufacturing partners, serving various disciplines, such as DTR Medical, Lawton, Lagis, Medbar, FEG Dynamesh and Medwork. This is just a sample of a wide portfolio of partners HSL.

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic, HSL has become engaged with a number of trusted partners in the provision of PPE products to our customers.

Where HSL could not be guaranteed supply there was a decision made to manufacture Face Shields both in Dublin and Belfast. This product was accredited with CE Certification and HSL has successfully supplied into the Healthcare, Industrial, Retail and Hospitality Sectors in GB and Ireland. While not HSL’s core business, this venture into the provision of PPE to our customer base was a decision made in order to further support the Healthcare base who are long term customers of HSL at a time when options were few for them.

Surgical Equipment

HSL offers market-leading surgical equipment and consumables from leading brands in the sector, including Richards Wolf, DynaMesh, Konan and more. Our partnership with these world-renowned international brands allows us to offer the best-in-class products at competitive prices.

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HSL is dedicated to offering ophthalmic professionals an extensive range of market leading diagnostic and surgical equipment, precision instrumentation and consumables, supported by our technical experience and after sale service and proudly represents many leading international ophthalmic brands, including; Haag Streit , Keeler , Konan and Ziemer. Our portfolio reflects our aims to establish long lasting partnerships with ophthalmic manufacturers whose products compliment each another.

We have a reputation for offering exceptional quality at competitive prices, backed by renowned and respected customer care in hospitals and clinics.

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Ophthalmology Partners


Hospital Services Limited are proud to work in partnership with many of the World’s leading manufacturers in Ireland with their Endoscopy portfolio.

Offering the complete range of endoscopic consumable and bleed management products makes Hospital Services Limited your one stop shop for all endoscopic disciplines, including:

  • Enteroscopy
  • Upper GI
  • Lower GI
  • ERCP
  • EUS
  • Pulmonology
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