Virtual Healthcare Platform

Break the boundaries of healthcare buildings without changing existing outpatient workflows.

Telehealth Service Dots Service Page Brand Telehealth Service Header Down Arrows Combined with our enterprise video conferencing platform, healthcare organisations can achieve a complete communication solution.
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Provide a virtual healthcare platform that works before, during and after the appointment.

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Through our integration partnerships, HSL can provide seamless patient virtual consultations.

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Minimal change to existing processes

The adoption of virtual consultations makes little or no difference to the established ways of working. It uses the same screens and same process, but simply has additional dashboard icons.

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Ease of use essential for patients

Patients are notified of upcoming appointments by SMS or email alerts. We employ familiar, proven mobile apps. The patient experience is extremely clear and simple.

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Smart device support for patients

Allow the patients to use the devices most commonly found within the community. Support for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

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Join with a single click

No complex additional joining instructions. Both the clinician and patient join appointments with ease.

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Maintains data privacy

No data information is retained for all appointment events mitigating security concerns. All appointments are protected by ISO:27001 on a HIPPA compliant video platform.

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Waiting rooms inbuilt into appointments

Track patients through the appointment joining right from the dashboard while the patient waits in a customised waiting room.

Experience the power of a complete collaboration solution.

HSL simplifies video communication
for people, teams and clients

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