HSL can offer various procurement routes via framework.

Framework agreements are created by Public Sector bodies (or a group of bodies) enabling either single or multiple suppliers to be onboarded onto a framework, only after being rigorously assessed against stringent criteria to provide a simple, time saving and cost-effective route to market for our customers when procuring goods and services from HSL.

The criteria is often based on a specification of requirements, price, compliance, security, quality and quantity ensuring confidence to our customers that you are receiving the most cost-effective product and service when procuring from HSL.

Great Britain


NHS Scotland NP51820 Hernia Mesh

NHS SC NFA fag000017450 Diathermy Consumables & Related Accessories.

NHS Scotland NP63520 Cath Lab Consumables & Cardiology Stents.

NHS SC NFA FAG000017361 Endourology Products.

NHS SC NFA FAG000017419 Advanced Wound Care.

APUC Ltd D.P.S LAB1022AT Lasers and Associated Equipment.

NHS SC NFA FAG000017357 Endoscopy Consumables & Associated Accessories.

HealthTrust Europe 328061 Framework for the Supply of Urology Equipment and Consumables.

Diagnostic Imaging

NHS SC NFA 2021/S 000-007768 Diagnostic Imaging.

NHS SBS SBS10034 NFA Diagnostic Imaging.



HSE 13625 NFA Surgical Navigation System

HSE 13767 Dermatology Equipment.

HSE 338214 Colposcopes and Associated Equipment.

HSE 13560 NFA Rigid Endoscopes and Associated Equipment.

HSE 8022 Prone Biopsy Table.

DMHTG D.P.S.-0120 Provision of Medical & Surgical Consumables.

HSE 13559 NFA Surgical lights, Pendants, and Integrated Theatre Systems.

HSE 8139 NFA Flexible Scopes, EUB and EBUS Accessories.

HSE 16762 D.P.S for Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, interventional Radiology, Vascular and all related consumables.

HSE 13707 NFA Surgical Microscopes

HSE 16766 D.P.S Surgical Attire, Drapes & Surgical Consumables

HSE 16765 D.P.S for Electrosurgery & Neurology Products.

HSE 14064 NFA Urology Equipment.

HSE 16763 D.P.S. Orthopaedic Implants and Surgical Power Tools.

HSE 18141 ENT Equipment includes Scopes & workstations.

HSE 21712 Operating Tables and accessories.

HSE 18476 Radiology Accessories & Apparel.

HSE 21702 Flexible Endoscopes and Ass. Equipment.

HSE 18121 Clinical and Business Video Collaborative Platforms for the Health Service Executive.

HSE 22925 Provision of Rigid Endoscopes and Associated Equipment

Diagnostic Imaging

NHS SC NFA 2021/S 000-007768 Diagnostic Imaging.

NHS SBS SBS10034 NFA Diagnostic Imaging.


HSE 16884 D.P.S. for Ophthalmology Equipment.

HSE 16764 D.P.S for Endo mechanical Surgical and Ophthalmic Instruments.

Northern Ireland

Diagnostic Imaging

NHS SC NFA 2021/S 000-007768 Diagnostic Imaging.


NI PALS 1269535 Single use Surgical instrumentation.

NI PALS 2972828 Rigid/Semi-Rigid Telescopes, Ancillary Equipment and Accessories.

NI PALS 3159514 Endosurgery Devices rolex explorer mens 42mm m216570 0001 oyster bracelet black dial and Related Products.

NI PALS 942806 Flexible Endoscopes and Associated Equipment.

NI PALS 3565071 Mono and Bi-Polar Diathermy Devices.

NI Housing Authority T1550 NFA for the supply of PPE

NI PALS 3056898 Interventional Radiology Products.

NI PALS 4412755 Disposable Drapes, Gowns, Light Handle Covers and Theatre wear.

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