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"The desire to change society for the better has driven us for over 40 years and we offer products and services within medical IT and cybersecurity. By helping hospitals and those who train future healthcare personnel to improve their efficiency, patients will receive better care.

With a truly cloud-based solution we have helped transform medical education across the board, from institutions of higher education to postgraduate education, to create a system that prepares students to meet the needs of today's patients and anticipate the changes of tomorrow."

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A platform that inspires

Sectra Education Portal is an integrated platform that gives you the full strength of the Sectra portfolio, adapted to medical teachers and students, including advanced digital tools, real patient cases and a fully integrated dissector atlas. It can be used in traditional classroom as well as remote teaching settings, and ties in anatomy, histology, radiology, traumatology, and other specialties.

Students can interact with medical images in a realistic way, which creates a deeper insight into anatomy as well as functions and processes in the body. In this way, we help bring clinical reality to medical education, creating a bridge between theory and practice.


  • Access to a multidisciplinary library of clinical content as well as a fully integrated dissector atlas enables variety and breadth of real-life examples.
  • Advanced visualization, 3D functionality and tools used in real clinical practices enhances students' clinical preparedness.
  • Cloud-based access facilitates self-directed learning to happen beyond the classroom and safeguards competency standards at the different levels of medical education.
  • High-speed image display from any device brings true portability and an innovative educational experience.
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Explore. Engage. Educate.

This new educational experience provides wider access for all users to different levels of medical education. The intuitive interface with an image library structured in snapshots combined with outstanding search opportunities enables both new and experienced users to browse and find the most relevant content for their needs.

User accounts are managed online, and depending on the assigned role, various cutting edge visualization tools and functions are made available to e.g. interact, import, edit, organize and present content in an efficient way with the possibility to assimilate a clinical workflow.

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First class touch interaction

In addition to the cloud solution, teachers and students have the possibility to use Sectra terminals. These large, immersive and interactive touch devices provide optimal touch interaction and visualization to further improve the experience in and performance of Sectra Education Portal.

The Sectra Table allows users to easily explore and examine virtual representations of real bodies in minute detail. 3D images are quickly rendered from data provided by CT and MR scans.

Interacting with 3D volumes through a touch interface is similar to using a smartphone. By simply touching the screen, you can interact with the imedicamage intuitively. You can swipe, scroll, zoom, rotate and navigate inside the images as well as remove layers of skin and muscle and dissect the body with a virtual knife.

A combination of the highly relevant medical cases and the possibility of intuitive image interaction maximizes learning and the potential for group engagement and interaction.


  • Ability to visualize 3D-imagery improves group engagement.
  • Split-screen possibilities where four people can interact with and edit images simultaneously.
  • Output for video and digital audio data transmission.

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