HSL Wins EMEA Partner Marketing Innovation Award in Zoom Partner Awards

2018 Breast Symposium Mammographicum in Liverpool

AVer Europe partners with Hospital Services Limited to improve patient care

Case Medical Study Day for Staff

Cork University Hospital to install three Hologic Mammography Systems

Everybody at HSL wish Philip all the best as he moving on to bigger and better things

Exciting times as HSL move to NEW Dublin office

Galway Breastcheck install their new Hologic Affirm Prone table

Galway Clinic choose HSL for their new Medrad MRI Injectors

Galway University Hospital receive their new Shimadzu Dart EFX

Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust partners with Hospital Services Limited (HSL) to improve Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) collaboration on orthopaedic cases

Hospital Services Limited (HSL) applies innovative approach to space issues within healthcare sector through launch of The Acoustic Pod Collection

Hospital Services Limited (HSL) set to optimise eye health across the country through installation of Ireland’s first Ziemer Z8 laser

Hospital Services Limited (HSL) supports Queens Ladies Rugby to boost breast cancer awareness

Hospital Services Limited teams up with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver new radiology system for streamlined patient care

HSL and LG partner to deliver cutting edge radiology reporting from the comfort and safety of the radiologist’s home

HSL and NRT join forces in ROI and GB

HSL appointed Touchpoint Medical agents for the Island of Ireland

HSL attend this year’s IDI conference

HSL Exhibit at BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association).

HSL facilitating at-home radiology reporting through ongoing partnership with Barco

HSL installs new Fujifilm ELUXEO™ Endoscopy System featuring Ireland’s first CAD EYE

HSL launches ‘next generation’ Telehealth solution for Stroke Care

HSL Mammography Sales Success includes Six Public Sector Installations

HSL partner with Ceiba Health in UK

HSL win a place on the new Digital First Online Consultation and Video Consultation (DFOCVC) Framework

HSL win the IMSTA Annual Medtech Most Innovative Product (SME) Awards

HSL’s New Dental Solutions Make Great Impact

Innovation in Gestational Diabetes Patient Care

International Annual Meeting RIWOspine

Mayo General choose Shimadzu Art Evolution

Modernising patient care post COVID

New Cavan/Monaghan DEXA Service

New partnership with Neat allows HSL to provide better quality integrated virtual healthcare platforms

New Shimadzu MX8 Mobile X-Ray road show

Northern Ireland Radiographers Conference & Oncology Study Day

Partnership with Zoom to enable HSL to deliver integrated virtual healthcare platforms across UK and Ireland

Portiuncula Hospital go DR with new Shimadzu DaRt

Richard Wolf training day at Dublin

Touchpoint Medical Training

Ulster Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society Meeting, Belfast

Ulster Society of Gastroenterology’s Autumn Meeting, Belfast

University of Ulster replace old X-Ray equipment with New Shimadzu Radspeed Room

Zilico & Zedscan



Acuity Master

AeroDR 3

Amadeo M-DR mini

ATEC® Breast Biopsy System for Stereotactic Biopsy

Bagolini Lorgnette

Bangerter Occlusion Foils

Barco Coronis Fusion 6MP (MDCC-6530)

Barco Coronis Uniti 12MP (MDMC-12133)

Barco eGFX Home Read Station

Barco MDPC-8127

Barco MXRT-6700

Barco Nio Colour 3MP (MDNC-3421)

BI 900

Blue Eye Injectable Liquid

BM 900

Bon Optical 3D Rotating Scheimpflug Camera & Topography System

BP 900

BQ 900

Brevera Breast Biopsy System

BX 900 LED

CareFit™ Combo System

CareFit™ Enclosure

CareFit™ Pro Electric Lift Cart

CareFit™ Slim 2.0 LCD Cart

Catford Drum

Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch

Children’s Fixation Bar

Cisco Room Kits

City University Colour Vision Test, Edition 3

Co-Ordimeter Screen

Codonics Virtua E

Compact Hysteroscopes

Confirmation Test (4 Lenses, 2 Pairs, Each +-1.0D)

Confirmation Test (4 Lenses, 2 Pairs, one +-0.25D, one +-0.50D)

Contact Lens

Cross Cylinder

Curved Scissors

Dell Workstations

Desktop And Trolley-Based Printing

Digital Signage

Dom. Trial Lens Set

Domiciliary Test Type

Dornier Delta® III

Dornier Thulio®

Double Lithium Upgrade Kit

DT Research 301Y/MD Rugged 2-IN-1 Medical Tablet

DT Research 504T/ 507T






Eustace Pinhole Occluder

Evans UK 4-Sided Test Type

Eviva® Breast Biopsy System

Eye Chart

Eyesi Slit Lamp


EyeSuite IOL

EyeSuite Perimetry

Femto LDV Z4

Femto LDV Z8

Fibre Light Cables

Flurospeed X1 Edition

Four Page Washable Reading Test Type

Franceschetti Maddox Rod

Fresnel Confirmation Prism Bars

Fresnel Prisms

Frisby Stereotest

Full Aperture Field Test Set (20)

Fundus Module 300

Haag Streit 3-1000

Haag Streit 5-1000

Half-Eye Trial Frames

Hess Screen

HI-R 700

HI-R NEO 900

Hi-Res Loupes 3.0x Magnification

Hologic 3Dimensions™ Mammography System

Hologic 3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology, powered by Genius AI™

Horizon DXA Scanner

HP Workstations

Human Eye Chart

HX Desk Monitor Arm (White or Black)

HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot

IM 600

IM 900

Image Guidance

Industrial And RFID Printing

Insight Flex Mini C-Arm


Intel® NUC Mini PC with 11th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Ishihara Colour Charts

Jackson Cross Cylinder

Jaeger Reading Test Type

K-LED II Practice Light System Keeler-Fit

Keeler 24 Plate Ishihara Colour Test

Lang Fixation Bar

Lang Fixation Cube

Lang Stereotest


Lenstar 900

LG 21.3″ 3MP IPS Diagnostic Monitor

LG 31.5″ 8MP Diagnostic Monitor

LG 31″ 12MP IPS Diagnostic Monitor for Mammography

Lithium Double Charger

LogMar Chart



Maclure Bar Reading Test

Maclure Test Type

Maddox Wing Test

Mallet Near Vision Unit

medDispense® F series Automated Dispensing Cabinets

medDispense® L series Automated Dispensing Cabinets

medDispense® M series Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Medix M24T

Medix T24i

MEDRAD® Centrago CT injector – COMING SOON

MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion

MEDRAD® MRXperion MR Injection System

MEDRAD® Stellant CT Multi Patient Injection Systems

MEDRAD® Stellant Injectors

Micro PC (CB), 24” Monitor & Test Chart (Full)

Mini Lithium Charger


MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 Version

Moorfields Bar Reading Book

Neat Devices

NRT Intelli-C

Octopus 600

Octopus 900

Paediatric Screening Test

Pair Cross Cylinders +-0.25 and +-0.50 in Case

Perkins MK3

Plastic Prism Bars

Plastic Prisms

Poly Meeting Room Solutions

Portable Printing

Practitioner Chair & Stool – Aluminium Base

Practitioner Chair & Stool – Black Base

Prismatic Loupe Magnification

Professional Ophthalmoscope

Professional Ophthalmoscope and Streak Retinoscope Set

Professional Spot Retinoscope

Professional Streak Retinoscope


Radiforce MX216

Radiforce RX360

Radiforce RX370

Radiforce RX560

Radspeed Fit Plus Version

Radspeed Pro Style Edition

Radspeed Pro Style Featuring Glide Technology

RAF Binocular Gauge

Random Dot (Butterfly) Stereotests

Random Dot E Stereotest

Randot Stereotest

Romanes Occluder

Schirmer Tear Test


Sheridan Gardiner Comprehensive Test

Sheridan Gardiner Test Complete

Silver Metal Pen Torch with Replaceable Batteries

Single Panel Test Types

Solid Prism Bars

Sonialvision G4

Specialist Ergonomic Furniture

Specialist Ophthalmoscope

Specialist Ophthalmoscope and Streak Retinoscope Set

Spectra Iris Indirect Ophthalmoscope on Keeler Frame


Sterilising Stand

StyleView® Cart with LCD Pivot, LiFe Powered, UK

StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV40

StyleView® S-Tablet Cart, SV10

StyleView® Sit-Stand Vertical Lift

Suction Irrigation

Surface Pro 8

Synoptophore Model 2001

Synoptophore Model 2002

Synoptophore Model 2003

Synoptophore Slide Sets

Synoptophore Slides

Test Chart LITE

Texas Bronchoscope

The Kay Picture Test

Thomas the Tank Engine Reading Test Type

Thomas the Tank Engine Reading Test Type

Thomson 21” Integra All-in-one & Thomson Test Chart (Full)

Thomson 24” Integra All-in-one & Test Chart LITE

Thumb Bar Readers

TNO Stereotest


Touchscreen Ten

Transport Carts

Trial Lens Set Complete in Case Reduced Aperture

Trial Lens Set in Domiciliary Kit Case

Trial Lens Set, Short in Briefcase, Full Aperture

Vantage Plus LED Digital – Includes Video Capture

Vantage Plus LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope


Wireless CXDI-710 Series

Wirt Fly Test

Zebra Barcode Scanner DS4600 Series for Healthcare

Zebra ZD411 Barcode Label Printer


& Awards

Inavation Zoom HTN Business Cyber Essentials NHS Digital Toolkit

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