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HSL installs new Fujifilm ELUXEO™ Endoscopy System featuring Ireland’s first CAD EYE

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Specialist distributor of surgical equipment Hospital Services Limited (HSL) has supplied and installed a new state-of-the-art Fujifilm ELUXEO™ endoscopy system at Charter Medical Private Hospital (CMPH), formerly St Francis Private Hospital, in Mullingar. Complete with Ireland’s first CAD EYE artificial intelligence (AI) technology and boasting Multi LightTM technology that ensures the imaging quality meets the highest standards in brightness and contrast, this Fujifilm ELUXEO™ system is a monumental move forward for Irish healthcare.

Representing an investment of €450,000, the former St Francis Private Hospital acquired and renamed by Charter Medical Group on 1st November, has teamed up with HSL to ensure their endoscopy suite features the latest endoscopy technology to identify and diagnose abnormal tissue growth within the body using both video gastro and colonoscopes.

Achieving optimal diagnostic and therapeutic results in endoscopic procedures is highly dependent on image quality. CMPH’s new Fujifilm ELUXEO™ endoscopic system’s high-intensity illumination creates high-quality images with White Light Imaging and the observation modes LCI (Linked Colour Imaging) and BLI (Blue Light Imaging). These light modes provide superior image quality and help to gather optimal visual information for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in daily clinical practice.

Innovation is one of HSL’s core values and ensuring customer and patient care is the company’s main priority. This technological solution provided by HSL will help contribute to a better outcome for many patients affected by colon or gastro related concerns and illnesses throughout Ireland.

Commenting on CMPH’s new endoscopy system, HSL CEO Dominic Walsh said,

We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Charter Medical Private Hospital to install this world-class Fujifilm ELUXEO™ system. The highly advanced technology surpasses that of any of its counter parts in aiding abnormal lesion detection and diagnosis. CMPH’s ELUXEO™ system is also complete with Ireland’s first CAD EYE AI technology, meaning the endoscopy suite is like none other in the country. We are very much looking forward to see the great work that comes out of this endoscopy suite over the coming months, resulting in more patients availing of vital early diagnosis and more lives being saved.”

In addition to its ELUXEO™ 700 series scopes, the Fujifilm endoscopy system at the Mullingar hospital is also home to CAD EYE artificial intelligence technology. The CAD EYE system has been developed utilising AI deep learning technology and is compatible with Fujifilm’s ELUXEO™ endoscopy series to support endoscopic lesion detection and characterisation in the colon.

CAD EYE is aimed at improving the real time polyp detection rate, helping to recognise flat lesions and multiple polyps simultaneously, as well as any lesions at the corner of the image. Once a suspected polyp is detected by CAD EYE detection, this ground-breaking technology becomes a real-time support system for healthcare professionals acting as a second pair of eyes to accurately detect and characterise colonic polyps as cancerous or non-cancerous (hyperplastic or neoplastic).

“We are extremely happy with our new Fujifilm ELUXEO™ system, made possible for CMPH by HSL”

said Thomas Byrne Executive Chairman of Charter Medical Private Hospital.

“As part of Charter Medical Group’s approach in developing the treatments available to patients from CMPH, we have commenced a capital investment programme, which has begun with the installation of the Fujifilm ELUXEO™ endoscopy system. To have Ireland’s first CAD EYE AI system installed within our suite is a huge privilege and the ability to initiate real-time analysis of lesions and polyps is a tremendous step forward for endoscopy treatment within Ireland.”

A common concern amongst many endoscopy patients is the unpleasant nature of the procedure. However, Fujifilm’s development of the interface has been designed to enable a more comfortable experience for the patient. CAD EYE does not interfere with clinical images and minimises required eye movement. Its display is designed to be simple and intuitive for excellent support during long hours in the examination room. CAD EYE’s user friendly interface was also awarded a Good Design Award in 2019.

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