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Enhancing Healthcare Services: A Case Study of HSL’s Installation at the New Private Health Hub in Newry City

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HSL solutions:

  • Hologic Horizon W
  • Shimadzu Radspeed Fit

Key benefits:

  • Early Detection and prevention
  • Accurate Diagnosis
  • Efficiency and Rapid results
  • Improved Patient Services


One of the hallmark features of the new health hub is the introduction of the DEXA Scanning & X-ray Service, marking a regional first for Newry. Dexa, a bone density scanner, plays a pivotal role in identifying and assessing the risk of osteoporosis, thereby enabling early intervention to prevent fractures. This service is particularly pertinent for demographics such as smokers, individuals over 50 years old, and postmenopausal women, where osteoporosis risk is heightened.


Finding a single supplier who could provide both the DEXA and floor-mounted X-Ray systems for the trust, made more difficult by the constraint of converting an existing building, which imposed limitations on the size of the equipment. It was crucial for the equipment to fit within the available space and still be fully functional after installation.

The compact footprint of the Radspeed fit system proved to be highly advantageous. Its small size made it an ideal fit for the limited space available, overcoming the size constraint while ensuring that the trust’s imaging needs were met effectively.


HSL has introduced advanced diagnostic services, including Dexa Scanning for osteoporosis risk assessment and X-ray imaging, in the new healthcare facility in Newry City. The solution prioritizes patient education and engagement, empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards their health.


“As the proprietor of Mourne Scan Clinic, collaborating with HSL on our patient-centric facility was truly gratifying. Our cutting-edge X-ray and Dexa systems, equipped with advanced AI-supported software, redefine the patient experience. Referrals are required for both services, yet our ‘one-stop’ approach ensures seamless resolution for those without. Offering same-day appointments alongside our unique walk-in service, we streamline the process. For Dexa, referral, approval, and scan are all managed upon arrival, with radiology reports available within 5 days. Similarly, for X-ray, the entire process is expedited, with reports ready within 1 hour. We handle the logistics while our patients unwind in our newly renovated healthcare haven.” Lisa Hughes Owner of Mourne Scan Clinic.

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